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Why build a porch?

Are you thinking of enriching your exterior design with porches?

Every outdoor living space that is professionally designed and constructed will increase the value of your house. A porch might be shaped as a small square, a big rectangle, or even a circle. Wood, composite decking, concrete, and stone are common materials for porch floors (like slate). Select a sturdy item that can resist the heat, sun, wind, and rain. Also take into account a non-slip surface with appropriate stability for safety.

Installing a porch, deck, or patio can increase the perceived value of your property if you want to sell it, since home buyers like pleasant outdoor spaces. The return is higher when you make the place more expensive.

How to build a porch?

Building a porch deck, porches, and patios are excellent examples of outside spaces that may add charm to your home at a reasonable cost.

These outside areas frequently spare homeowners the expense of installing drywall, carpeting, tile, plumbing, insulation, or other components that add to the cost of building a new room.

Porches and decks normally do not count as living space, reducing your taxable square footage and lowering your property taxes.

Porches offer beauty to houses but they also bring utility. For the majority of homes without a porch, residents or visitors enter through the front door and proceed directly into the living room or hallway. There is a clearer distinction between the inside of the house and the exterior thanks to the porch.

Why is Porch Construction essential?

Porches are made from three exterior walls and help to create a lovely, warm welcome and make your home’s entrance stylish and appealing. Building a front porch can reflect a sign of hospitality and friendship. 

Building a porch can give many advantages, not only to your property’s overall image and structure, but it can also increase home security. It acts as an additional barrier to protect your home from any unpleasant or dangerous occurrence. Porch construction can help you have better organization and avoid mess and clutter in your house. Porch constructions are not only appealing but also stylish, and they definitely make your entrance aesthetically wonderful. You and your guests will feel very comfortable and warmly welcomed anytime!

Furthermore, building a porch will both serve as a gathering spot and outdoor living room where you will have beautiful memories with friends and family members with plenty of natural light and fresh air.

When it comes to comfort, building a porch will also be beneficial to shelter in case of unpleasant weather or will serve as a place to enjoy foods and drinks while having wonderful scenery to admire!

Why choose Icon Builders Inc. for Porch Construction installation?

Icon Builders Inc., takes pride in assisting homeowners in designing their ideal home with a variety of additions, including porches in a variety of designs and materials.

We can offer support at every stage, starting from the initial design and ending with the acquisition of planning approval, through the actual installation.

Do not hesitate to contact us anytime via phone at (647) 346-4265 or via email at [email protected].